New Project

NMHDO has commenced a new project in partnership with UWECA entitled ‘Building Resilience Capacity of Women to Climate Change Resulted Crises and Enhance their Role of Environmental Protection in Axum Zuria Woreda’. The project is being implemented in Tigray Regional State,Axum Zuria Woreda. The main objective of the project is; to contribute towards the effort to strengthen the resilience of women and girls to climate variability and change by 2020. The project targets 500 hundred vulnerable women and girls residing in Axum Zuria Woreda, 110 community members and religious leaders and 250 staffs of local government structures, CBOs and CSOs. The project lasts from 01 May 2017 to 31 August 2020.

The project so far has built working relationship with localities including the woreda administration and women’s association, worda agricultural office and traditional elders and project agreement is signed among relevant stake holders and NMHDO. More over a launching workshop was held where detailed project is presented and role and expectation of stake holders clearly identified.

Project Phase-out

MULU Worksite HIV Prevention project which has been implemented by NMHDO in conjunction with World Learning for the past four years comes to an end on June/2017.The project was implemented around Dansha area at three localities. The project aimed to reduce new HIV infections and strengthening HIV prevention endeavors. Throughout the project implementation period; the project addressed 116,500 workforces, 11,729 commercial sex workers through awareness raising group discussions and condom distribution. As part of the project ending, a close up work shop was organized by NMHDO. The meeting gathered local administration officials, business men  and representatives of beneficiaries.