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For the dry season, two irrigation Water pumps with a potential capacity of irrigating 5 ha each have already been Handed Over to each Self Help Group through the respective woreda offices of Women and Children’s affairs. All member women, Heads of the woreda offices of women and children affairs, experts from the worda offices of agriculture and management and staff of NMHDO attended the Handing over Event.
After the Handing Over, the water pumps were installed along with practical training on pump operation and maintenance to members. Field operation started immediately after the training. All planted crops were irrigated using the water pumps by the members themselves. Watering of crops will continue every other day until harvest. It was also recommended to include. Nursery Activities for the production of vegetable and fruit seedlings, as part of each scheme. Moreover, Beekeeping and Mushroom production activities were also recommended for Bole Bulbula scheme.
At the end, member women highly appreciated the support and expressed their commitment to work hard and change their current situation of extreme -to- high< income prosperity>, within a maximum of 3 years. Also, the local government through the woreda offices of Women and Children affairs and Agriculture reconfirmed its commitment to continue and further strengthen their technical backstopping supports and took the responsibility of restructuring the group, reorganizing them into cooperatives, instituting a revolving fund scheme across each Self Help Group as the water pumps were provided to SHGs on a Revolving Loan basis. The local government and beneficiaries kindly requested NMHDO to extend its capacity building support until the groups grow fully Self Reliant.