Integrated Economic Empowerment for poor and Marginalized Women and Girls April 2013- June 2015

Project on Integrated Economic Empowerment for poor and Marginalized Women and Girls in Lailay Maichew Woreda and Axum Town


Beneficiaries:  Direct -400 women, indirect 11,500 people

Project goal and specific objectives

Goal:-Economically empower marginalized women and girls to lead better live

Specific objective:

  • Functional women empowerment support group is established in
  • LailayMaichew and Axum wereda.
  • The economic efficiency of 400 women/ girls and their wellbeing improved in LailayMaichew Axum woreda in Tigray region.
  • Increased the awareness of 11,500 communities on women /girls over the economic role.
  • Created access for technologies and information though establishing ICT centre.

Focus area

  • Supporting rural women
  • Promoting entrepreneurship
  • Guaranteeing social protection
  • rising and strengthening Women’s Leadership

Strategies and approaches

  • Trainings/Capacity Development
  • EstablishIncome – generatingsystem
  • Publicoutreach/ awareness raising
  • Access, UseandpromotionofICT/Technology
  • Utilizing native know-how
  • Create linkage with local government or Non-Government institution

Planned Project out put

  • Women economic involvement and effectiveness will be increased and women socially empowered and able to communicate by reading and writing.
  • Gender is mainstreamed and women programme strengthened
  • Enhanced understanding of women economic empowerment and women role for 11,500 women and members of large community
  • Women functional networking will be established.
  • Access to information technology increases

Planned activities VS performance

No Planned activity Performed activity Percentage of accomplishment
1 Launching workshop(60 participants) A total of 74 participants have attended the workshop 119%
2 Provision of Business skill training for 400 women for  10 days Provide 7 day training for 400 women 100%
3  provide start-up capital 400 women The allocated start up is given to all (400) beneficiaries 100%
4 Life and Assertiveness skills Training for 100(3 days) 100 people are trained for 3 days 100%
5 train 2 FAL facilitators for 5 days Trained 4 FAL facilitators 200%
6 Sensitization and consultation workshop for 120 people The work shop is organized having 118 participants 96%
7 Training of trainer’s /TOT/ for 20  peer educators for 5 days 20 of them are trained 100%
8 Conducting Public awareness program for 11, 500 people Public awareness is conducted 3710 32%
9 Provide 3 days training on saving and credit system/cooperative management for 25 SHG leaders The training is given for 25 SHG leaders 100%
10 Provide 10 days livelihood   technical training for 80 members The training is provided for 90 members 112.5%
11 Provide basic computer skill for 40 women The training is given  as per the plan 100%
12 Provide Functional Adult Literacy Program for 60 Women 120 women are trained 200%
13 Develop facilitation guideline and manual on men and women roles in women economic empowerment/manual It is developed and being used 100%
14 Men and women roles through community conversation/ reach 1200 community members /no of participants/ Reached 1200 community members 100%
15 Organize focus group discussion/interface meeting among 180 influential men and women participants the  discussion is conducted among 180 target groups 100%
16 Organise regular meeting every quarter The meeting has been conducting  organized as per the plan 100%
17 Establish one women/girls friendly ICT centre in the project area, and purchase one Computer and printer for the centre The center is established 100%
18 Provide Stationary Materials and Pass Books support for 30 established SHGs/SACCOs It is given for 30 of SHGS 100%
19 Establish functional and permanent women functional referral linkages among various actors/50 participants Referral linkage is established 100%
20 Mass Education / Community Wide Event To reach more than two thousand five hundred (2500) members 100%
21 Production and distributionof Poster and leaflets These materials are printed both in Tigrigna and English language to deliver intended message to pass the community 100%

Major achievements

  • 300 women have started saving and 100 are in a process to generate additional income.
  • The awareness level of the community members on gender equality is improved.
  • 80 women are enabled to write and read.
  • The lively hood of 400 women and their families is improved.
  • The confidence of women is improved.


  • Legal constraints to establish new SHG/SACOS.
  • Delay in launching the project due to continuous revision of the project document by.
  • Budgeting problem in the document as for example a single computer planned for 40 people with very small budget for perdiem for trainees.
  • Delays in budget release.
  • Transport facility problem