Enhancing the Capacity of Marginalized women/ girls and OVCs care givers in Axum Town at Axum Town of Tigray people Regional State, September, 2015

DonorFacilitator for Change (FC)


The aim of this intended project is to enhance the capacity of families and/or guardians of the OVC and the community in Axum Town of Tigray Region and ensure the growth and development of children to become responsible citizens.

General Objective

Contribute to improvement of the socio-economic well-being of marginalized women and Orphans and Vulnerable Children care givers in the target Town.

Specific objectives 

The project strives to achieve the following specific objectives by the end of the year.

  • To improve the income level of 45 families and guardians of the orphans and vulnerable children by providing skill-based training and engaging them in different income generating activities,
  • To ensure the healthy growth and development of orphans and vulnerable children by providing essential psycho-social support
  • To build the capacity of 5 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to support and promote the aims and objectives of the project.

Direct Beneficiaries

The direct beneficiaries of the project are forty (40) family head takers and/or guardians. These beneficiaries selected based on intensive selection criteria.

Indirect beneficiaries

Addressing the needs of these segments of the population of the target town will benefit the whole community as it contributes to the overall development and reduction of the prevalence of the HIV and AIDS pandemic and the poverty situation.

Activities Performed During the Reporting Period

  1. Launching Workshop

Project introductory launching workshop was organized in presence of different governmental concerned bodies, participants from the community, and in presence of other different stakeholders. Moreover, more than forty participants attend the workshop for one day and according to their feedback implementing these kinds of projects in their area can bring a marvellous change on orphan and vulnerable children and on their families/ caregivers.

  1. Beneficiary selection

For first round selection of beneficiaries, there are about forty (40) OVC care givers are selected to participate on the project implementation based on intensive selection criteria from four different Kebeles. These care givers are work with us directly for the project implementation period and they are selected by the committee from the town administration office, women and youth affairs, influential community and religious leaders, and by the zonal/ Ketena coordinator.

  1. Awareness creation workshop

Awareness creation workshop organized on the topics of reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS. This workshop is conducted in presence of forty participants for two consecutive days. Based on the feedback from participants the workshop has been able to increase their level of awareness/ understanding on reproductive health and as well as HIV/AIDs cause and consequence.


  1. Training on Basic Business Skills (BBS), saving & credit

The selected forty beneficiaries/ families of OVC/ care givers are participated on three days basic business skill training (BBS) to increase their knowledge and understanding how business will be run as well as methods to follow to realize effective and efficient participation on saving and credit unions.

  1. Provision of start up capital

Start-up capital is provided for each of orphan and vulnerable children families/ care givers an amount of one thousand birr for each of them to take part on different income generating activities. Therefore, now days the selected families/ care givers are working on different form of income generating activities, i.e. some of them opened a small shop, some of them are serving the people by providing a coffee and tea on the street/road, and some of them are participating on different forms of income generating activities.

  1. Contribution of the family/guardian home expenses

Monthly support is provided for all families/ care givers of the orphan and vulnerable children’s. Currently the beneficiaries of this project are receiving one hundred fifty birr every month for contribution of cooking, feeding, cleaning, medication and other expenses for orphan and vulnerable children.

  1. Monitoring and evaluation filed visit

We are able to conduct a supportive supervision filed visit of the project to measure the implementation of the project progress through our file office project coordinator staff from Axum town. Moreover, from the upcoming months our organization is planning to conduct a supportive supervision filed visit by staffs from head office.

Summary of performance:

The performance of the project is updated and summarized in the following table.

S/N Indicator Project Status Project status by % Remark
Target Achieved
1 # of peoples participants on consultative workshop 40 40 100
2 # of beneficiary selected 40 40 100
3 # of participants on awareness creation workshop 40 40 100
4 # of participants on BBS training 40 40 100
5 # of beneficiaries provided a startup capital 40 40 100
6 # of beneficiaries receiving monthly support 40 40 100  Monthly support will provided for the upcoming consecutive six months
7 # of filed visit conducted 1 1 100

Good practices

  • There isn’t as such kind of project with in the town emphasised to support orphan and vulnerable children’s and their families in different bases. Therefore, these kinds of projects are facilitating and supporting disadvantaged families and children’s had an opportunity of education, feeding, cleaning and some other basic services.
  • Mostly members or families of orphan and vulnerable children are not in the position to start their own income generating activities with the assistance of business skill training. But, now days they are changing their life by working/participating on different income generating activities which enable them on the way of self reliance.

Lessons learnt

According to our staffs, formerly some of care givers/ families of orphan and vulnerable children’s are not in the position to earn daily or monthly income as well as some of them are not in the position to feed their children’s three times in a day. But now a days after this project start to implement in their vicinity and include them as part of the beneficiary, the care givers/ families of the children’s are able to run their own business in support of different trainings and orphan and vulnerable children’s are attending regular schools as well as they have been able to eat at least two times in a day.


  • After we selected the beneficiaries according to the selection criteria, there were high number of care givers/ families of the orphan and vulnerable children invaded our office day to day demanding to be part of the project as a beneficiary so as to generate their own income to be able to support their children as well as to participate on different types of training.


The intended project activities are implementing as per the plan and we didn’t face major challenge that we couldn’t handle with in this reporting period. We have also providing and obtained support for all stakeholders to achieve better result and success for the project implementation.