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Descriptive Project Name:

Enhancing resilience of vulnerable women and girls to climate change through integrated approaches in Tigray Regional state, Laelay Maychew woreda.

Project start & end date:  January 1, 2018 to  February 28, 2019

Project Activities:

The following planned activities have been completed:

1) Purchase and dissemination of farm modern beehives to 40 women and girls in the project woredas.

2) Provide 4 days Training for 50 individuals on beekeeping and forage management.

3) A one day inter-community conversation on impacts of climate change adaptation and mitigation sanitation practices was conducted among 100 community members, at village level selected from 3 kebeles.

4)A one day inter-community conversation was conducted in the target woreda among 25 leaders, elders, cultural leaders, CBOsleaders, women’s youths. The intention of the conversation was to raise the participants’ awareness on climate change issues and to enhance their role in creating awareness to the community on similar issues. They will teach their followers and neighbors on climate changes issues and mobilize them for adaptation and mitigation practices

The following planned activities would be completed in the future:

1) Village level women and girls discussions will continue in the next project implementation periods.

2) Purchase and dissemination of seeds of bee flora.

3) Undertake area closures and afforestation or reforestation for enhanced natural regeneration.

4) Train 40 women and girls for 4 days in managing and using irrigation technologies appropriate for their needs and priorities.

Project Risk Assessment:

So far UEWCA has assessed andidentified the potential risks of this entire project through its monitoring team. It has also developed a checklist for the implementing partners to gather the trends of the risks. Hence, no major risks which challenge the implementation of the project have facedin this reporting period.

Picture Annexes:

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Pic 1: Training Session on Beekeeping

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e4w e5w e6w


Pic 2 Purchase and dissemination of farm modern Beehives


Pic 3: Making beeswax using beehives


Pic 4:Undertake area closures and afforestation during winter season

e10w e11w e12w

Pic 5 Undertake area closures and afforestation summer season