African Women in Dialog(AfWID) was held from November 4-8 2019

African women in Dialog(AfWID) was held from November 4-8,2019 under the theme “Women’s Voice and Power as Agents of Change” This inclusive dialog forum united more than 1,000.00 women across 55 African countries, where the Ethiopian delegation (16 members) including CAWEE representatives took part.           For more information:

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MNHDO has participated in the Beat famine conference
at Beat Famine conference

“Beat Famine” conference was organized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).We had a great chance sharing the experiences of different development agencies and governments working on environmental and land rehabilitation across the entire region by creating network for cooperative effort. Participating in the training “Enhancing Private Sector Investment in the Great Green […]

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Tigist Alebachew Director of NMHDO mentioned on AWIB spotlight

Tigist Alebachew: a determined environmentalist, and ardent supporter of female independence Tigist Alebachew is a determined environmentalist, an ardent supporter of female independence and a proud AWiBer. She was born in Debrezeit and grew up in Addis Ababa. Tigist was the first born to her parents. Because her parents separated at an early age, she […]

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CHS Alliance
chs alliance

New Millennium Hope Development Organization has affiliated with CHS Alliance in addition to its existing partners. The CHS Alliance welcomes seven new members: nmhdo listed facebook link  

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